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What to expect at your consultation

As Dr Hilford specialises in the retina (the back of the eyes), your eyes will need to be dilated at each consultation. This will make your vision blurry and sensitive to light. You should not drive for the rest of the day after your consultation (so you will need a driver with you). Occasionally some blurred vision may persist until the following day and you should not drive until your vision has fully returned to normal.

Due to the complexity of retinal conditions it is important for you to allow approximately two hours for your appointment (i.e. time for your eyes to be dilated and for performing any tests that may be required).

 What to bring to your appointment

    1. Your referral (if it has not already been sent to our office).
    2. Name and address of your GP and optometrist – this is important so that letters may be sent to them after your appointment.
    3. Paperwork sent out with your New Patient Letter If you have not received this you can download it here or alternatively you can complete the paperwork at the clinic.
    4. Medicare card, pension/concession card, Veterans’ Affairs card, private health details (as applicable).
    5. List of any medications and eye drops which you are taking.
    6. Sunglasses.
    7. Reading and distance (driving/TV) glasses (as applicable).